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Completely Stupid Things

So as we all know the Internet is chock full of things. Information, ideas, craziness, ideological retardedness and of course, those things which we find Completely Stupid!

So from time to time between work I search the Internet looking for things of curiousity with no specific goal in mind and what I sometimes find is so stupid I have to share it. Now being that I feel social media is moronic and people have way too much time on their hands to learn to hate, instead I share it here with you fine folks (still the same people but it's one way now so nah nah nah nah nah).

.nyc TLD Forbidden List

So back in 2014, New York City commissioned GoDaddy to become the registrar for the .nyc TLD (Top-Level Domain). This means you can get instead of if you want to be NYC-centric. But there was a catch, a list of 15,673 domain names which (I last updated on 6/21/2021) must remain unavailable for use. Some of the names are a few make sense, some are non-sense and but most are just stupid. So I had to share it with you here!

Now what makes this really stupid is when New York City first introduced this program, this appeared to be a way for residents and especially businesses to get exposure in the City that Never Sleeps. But instead it turns out that for those within the city, not purchasing the domain under the new TLD simply meant that their brand identity would be bought out from under them and then bid-out to the highest bidder, therefore stealing their NYC brand identity. So in fact this began to felt like a tax that the already over-taxed residents and businesses within NYC had to pay just to maintain any true identity in addition to any dot-com address they may have already had. Good job NYC. Go elect another idiot.

Stupid Laws

I just LOVE laws that are simply stupid. Some of these laws are older than dirt and some are more up to date. Regardless they are stupid and for some reason they still exist. I'm not going to list ALL of the stupid laws I found, just highlight the best of the best.

Do keep in mind that some of these laws may have allready been repealed or rewritten. I just thought they were funny enough to list.

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