Megaphat Information Networks

We are a group of like-minded tech-heads who love this tech stuff. To learn how Megaphat started, click here. From time to time we notice a few things here and there that become a nuisance (or something) and we feel compelled to try and make a difference. We do this at our cost, on our time, sacrificing personal time and family time.

Please do not misunderstand, we LOVE our day jobs. We design and build networks and communications systems. We climb rooftops, radio towers, mountains, play with solar systems, create long-range wireless networks for voice, video and surveillance. We have Microsoft, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Citrix, Panasonic, JVC, Sangoma, CompTIA, Schneider Electric and many more certifications, we even have degrees and certifications in electrical engineering. Some of us LOVE Ham/Skip/DX, others love FPS games and some just love their cigars. We're really all over the place. To learn more about our professional services feel free to visit our company site at (Shameless plug time)

A few of us are former (and partially current) professional programmers. Like low level programmers; ASM, C/C++, VB, PS, HTML, JS, COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, LISP, PB. We really do not code for a living now, it's more of a hobby to help satisfy our desire to make things better in our tech lives. But when we see a real need, we kick in and start creating things.

In the end, our philanthropic efforts always have the same result, we get so caught up with coding that we end up missing out on work and that becomes very stressful. So we are hoping that with a fresh start on Github (and for now ONLY Github) and this website we can start all over and hopefully not be too stressed over missed work. In short, when any of us miss work, we do not get paid. As individuals we have released code to the public domain, but unfortunately we have spent way too much time doing so and rarely even get a thank you. At the very least with a fresh start, maybe a few great people like you could help us out with anything you feel you would like to share with us as we put in effort to help out everyone.

If you feel charitable, please consider helping out. As independent contractors in our fields and essential workers in the time of COVID-19, we are taking time out of our jobs, our family and our lives by developing code and creating other resources for information. We're not asking for anything at all but some of you have reached out to us asking if we will accept tips for helping them out. Sure!. If you want to donate USD$0.50 or USD$1.00 or even USD$5.00 we would certainly appreciate buying us some coffee, Coka-Cola or (yuck) Redbull. We do it for others and we hope to keep paying it forward. If you do decide to help out, please put in the description which code project/repository you are thanking us for (totally unnecessary but it will give us some insight on what inspired you) so we know who to forward the contribution to.

A question was recently asked "Why not use BuyMeACoffee?" to accept contributions? Well simply put, BMAC uses PayPal. We use PayPal. BMAC takes 5% as a processing fee in order to send the money request to PayPal. That means you are giving 5% of the intended coffee to BMAC instead of us. We like a little cream in the coffee and BMAC takes that away. So instead of going to the supermarket to get your milk, we bring you straight to the farm.

Or if you like, just buy us a cup with Ko-Fi

On the other hand if you want to make a little money, I like using Robin Hood for stock trading. They are currently offering free stock for new signups. If you want to see what they are all about, click here.

Thank you so much for visiting this page and be well.