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So recently I was speaking with a long time friend John about my scooter mods and was joking about starting a scooter club and racing league. First thigns first, I need to get a few more scooters from my buddy Frankie Toyota. Frankie is awesome. He has a yard over in Bushwick (Brooklyn in da House!) and collects gas-powered items, cars, motorcycles, etc. Whenever he runs into electric he gives me a call.

So Frankie gave me a call last week and told me that he has a few scooters he wants to throw my way. I need to get over there and pick them up. Anyways I was speaking with John and we were BS'ing about crap and I was mentioning that I need to start working on Scooter-X again as I stopped for a long period and I really want to get this machine up and running.

He asked wwhat the big deal was about getting it working and I was telling him that I want to convert the Lead-Acid (or SLA) over to Lithium without major risk that you hear about in the news. I have solar power on my shed so I can charge the batteries that way. I was thinking about using 2-12V tool batteries in series giving me 24V (called 2S as in 2 in the series). Then I would need to take that group and wire more groups like that together in parallel to increase the Amp-Hours (AH). So depending on the batteries it could be 2 groups (2S2P) or 3 groups (2S3P). I wrote about the capcity concepts here and here.

As I was explaining these to John, it occured to me rather than doing the math on the spot each time, let me build a calculator. So I did so in Excel, what a waste. I would rather have a web-based version. So here it is!


Max Payload (weight of rider+extra) lbs
Weight of scooter/bike (plus batteries) lbs
Hours to ride hours
Additional power (torque) in percentage %


Battery Voltage Torque Force Required HP Torque Power Required Motor Power Battery Capacity
12VDC HP HP Watts Watts AH
24VDC HP HP Watts Watts AH
36VDC HP HP Watts Watts AH
48VDC HP HP Watts Watts AH
60VDC HP HP Watts Watts AH
72VDC HP HP Watts Watts AH



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